Denformed pipes manufactured based on the standard EN 13476-3 and ISO 9969. These pipes are
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Plastic manholes

Plastic manhole is intended for use in pedestrian or vehicular traffic areas and underground
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Drinking water tank

-They are made of HDPE material, which is certified for drinking water use.
-The cover
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"WPC Board

Is the youngest generation of WPC prduction,with a total solution for all problems that used for : Kitchen's elements
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Assembly of rectified pipes

To ensure the delivered products, the pipes shall not be damaged during the elaboration in the manufacture or the warehouse you most follow these simple instructions: - Place the pipe in the warehouse or in the manufacture in a plain stand. - Use in the side of the pipe the wooden fuse to be sure not to collapse the pipe...

The construction of trenches

- If the base is not adequate or soft you have to consult the engineer on the scale of excavation.
- All the inadequate bas shall be excavated before the pipe placement.
- If the base might plunge, for the separation you shall use synthetic...

Placement of the tube in the canal

After opening the channel, to ensure the placement of the pipes in deep ditches or in bases with not enough stability is always necessary to follow the rules of OSHA during open channels. The channels shall always be safe so not to risk the life or other workers...

Placement of sand

Do not allow that during lubrication the pipe or the fabric to touch the grit or soil since they can be mixed and not allow the assemblage. For the assemblage you shall use one of these methods, where the size of the pipe indicates the methodmethod,(For small diameters the pipes can be assembled by hand)...